News and Events

Date Night | Saturday 20 July

GET EXCITED! Date Night is Back by Popular Demand. After a successful first Date Night event in June, we are back in July. Date Night is simple. We’ll entertain your children (and their friends) between 6pm and 9pm giving you the opportunity to go out on a date night with your partner, friends and/or family. […]

Outer City WG FND1 & FND2 | 3 August

GET EXCITED! We’ve been invited to attend the Outer City WG FND 1 & FND 2 Friendly Competition. Date: Saturday 3, August 2019 Rec Alley are attending a friendly competition at Cartwheels Gymnastics Centre. This is a great opportunity for the girls to experience competitions in a fun non-competitive environment. FRIENDLY COMPETITION DETAILS: GYMNAST FEE: […]

Kinder Gym & Rec Display Day

YOU’RE INVITED! Kinder Gym & Rec Display Day Please note: The Display Day has been postponed from Sunday, 30 June till Spring (22 September) Family and friends welcome too! Our  next Kinder Gym and Rec Display Day is scheduled for Sunday 22, September. Once all timings are confirmed we will make it easier to sign-up, you […]

Why gymnastics is great for your kids

What role has gymnastics or sport played in your life? For me, gymnastics and sport proved to be solid foundations on which I was able to build important life skills. Gymnastics and sport helped me to grow and develop as an individual and as a valuable member of a team. They have been a consistently positive influence in my […]