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Progressing to After School Classes

Progressing to After School Classes Congratulations! Your child has achieved one of life’s milestones. Download the information pack: CLICK HERE View Rec Alley’s timetables: CLICK HERE From all of us at Rec Alley we truly wish your child a great start at Big School! We hope your time with Rec Alley’s Kinder Gym program has […]

Summer Holiday Program

Summer Holiday Program 2021 About Rec Alley’s Summer Holiday Program  This Summer, Rec Alley is hosting a FREE Summer Holiday Program for gymnasts between 29 December and 10 January. There will be times for Kinder Gym, Alley Rec, Parkour, Trickers, Tumblers and Levels gymnasts to enjoy guided coaching sessions and some free training.  Also, on […]

End of Year 2020: Information Pack

End of Year 2020 It’s a busy time of year and we have put together all of the key information you need to know about Rec Alley’s end of year events. We’ve put together this information pack to help you navigate through the busy times and prepare for gymnastics classes in 2021. CLICK HERE to […]

End of Year Showcase | 2020

END OF YEAR SHOWCASE | 2020 Don’t miss out on the end of year fun. Book via the form at the bottom of this page. Rec Alley Gregory Hills bookings have now closed. It’s that time of year where we celebrate our gymnastics achievements! This year is a little different, nonetheless exciting, as we look […]

Levels Workshop with Emma Nedov

LEVELS WORKSHOP WITH EMMA NEDOV Supported by Rec Alley’s coaches Maddie and Gabbi! WHEN: Friday 16 October, 2020 WHERE: Rec Alley Minto, 16 Swettenham Road, Minto PRICE: FREE for members BOOK NOW: Via the form at the bottom of the page LIMITED SPOTS: 30 spots per workshop, 2 workshops. Be quick to book in* MAKE […]

Competitions 2020 | Register Your Interest

COMPETITIONS 2020 | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST Competitions are back for 2020! We are happy to announce gymnastics competitions (in-house and external) are back. Please see the schedule below and if you are interested, register for the event via the form below. Once final confirmation has been received, we will contact you. Revisit this page to […]

Keeping you Covid-Safe at Rec Alley

KEEPING YOU COVID-SAFE AT REC ALLEY Our key priority is keeping our gymnasts, members, families and coaches safe. Read about our efforts here. Last updated 09/01/2021 If you would like to read the full Rec Alley Covid-19 Safety Plan, CLICK HERE If you would like to read the Rec Alley Minto Covid-19 Safety Plan, CLICK […]

Rec Alley’s Statement on COVID-19

REC ALLEY’S STATEMENT ON COVID-19 Rec Alley’s Statement on COVID-19 We write to inform you of proactive measures the Rec Alley team is taking at our facility to mitigate risk and concern in relation to the spread of viruses, including COVID-19, in our community. Although at the time of publishing this message the risk of […]

Gala Day April 2020

Gala Day 2020 About Rec Alley’s Gala Day 2020 Due to the success of our Gala Day in late 2019, we’re putting on our second Gala Day. The Gala Day will be held on Sunday, 5 April from 11am with gymnasts in level 1 – 5 and Boys Squad participating. The Format The format will […]

Workshop | My First Cartwheel

WORKSHOP: MY FIRST CARTWHEEL Turn it into a date night too! One of our goals this year is to provide our gymnasts and families with engaging workshop events. Most workshops will run on a Saturday evening allowing parents to take advantage of this time and turn their night into a date night or for some much needed […]