Summer Holiday Program

Summer Holiday Program 2021

About Rec Alley’s Summer Holiday Program 

This Summer, Rec Alley is hosting a FREE Summer Holiday Program for gymnasts between 29 December and 10 January. There will be times for Kinder Gym, Alley Rec, Parkour, Trickers, Tumblers and Levels gymnasts to enjoy guided coaching sessions and some free training.  Also, on some days there will be a BBQ for families to enjoy.

The FREE events and workshops REQUIRE booking-in. Book-in using the form at the bottom of this page.

CLICK HERE to download the flyer.

What’s On – FREE Events:

  • 29 Dec*: Alley Rec (10am – 12pm) & Open Gym Age 5+ (12pm – 2pm) @ Rec Alley Minto
  • 04 Jan: Kinder Gym (10am – 12pm) & Parkour (12:30pm – 2:30pm) @ Rec Alley Gregory Hills
  • 04 Jan: WORKSHOP: Levels 1 – 6 (5pm – 7pm) @ Rec Alley Minto
  • 06 Jan: Kinder Gym (10am – 12pm) & Open Gym 5+ (12:30pm – 2:30pm) @ Rec Alley Minto
  • 07 Jan: WORKSHOP: Barani’s and Saults (5pm – 7pm) @ Rec Alley Gregory Hills
  • 08 Jan: Levels (10am – 12pm) & Alley Rec (12:30pm – 2:30pm) @ Rec Alley Gregory Hills
  • 09 Jan: Parkour (10am – 12pm) & Open Gym 5+ (12pm – 2pm) @ Rec Alley Minto
  • 09 Jan: WORKSHOP: Cartwheels & Handstands Beginners (5:30pm – 7:30pm) @ Rec Alley Gregory Hills
  • 10 Jan*: Parkour Challenge (9am – 12pm) & Open Gym 5+ (2pm – 4pm) @ Rec Alley Minto

*Indicates that particular day Rec Alley will host a BBQ

Sessions explained:

Kinder Gym is for our Alley Squigglers, Stompers, Scooters, Skeddadlers, Kinder Parkour & Junior Rec members who are under the age of 5

Alley Rec is for our Alley Rec and Senior Alley Rec gymnasts (5 year olds and above)

Open Gym 5+ is perfect for gymnasts across all of our gymsports who are 5 Years old and above. This includes Tumbling, Trickers, Alley Rec, Parkour & Levels

Parkour is for our Junior Parkour, Parkour Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black members who are over the age of 5

Parkour Challenge is open to any of our parkour members who are over the age of 5. Prizes up for grabs!

Levels 1 – 6 is for any of our competitive gymnasts (levels 1 through to 6) to attend and keep their skills sharp

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