Workshop | My First Cartwheel


Turn it into a date night too!

One of our goals this year is to provide our gymnasts and families with engaging workshop events. Most workshops will run on a Saturday evening allowing parents to take advantage of this time and turn their night into a date night or for some much needed rest.

Of course, parents are welcome to stay and watch the workshop too.

Workshop: ‘My First Cartwheel’ | 5pm to 7pm Saturday, 22 February 

  • Perfect for beginners wanting to learn how to safely perform a cartwheel
  • Qualified coaches will develop and run a program for two hours
  • $25 per child, limited spots per workshop
  • Children must be aged 5+

This workshop is best suited to gymnasts who recently started working towards achieving or have not started learning how to perform a cartwheel safely.

Turn it into a date night?

We’ll teach your child some new skills between 5pm and 7pm giving you the opportunity to go out on a date night with your partner, friends and/or family. Or, maybe it’s a good chance to relax in peace at home.

Note: Siblings and/or non-gymnasts are welcome too

To book a spot, simply complete the form below.


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