Why gymnastics is great for your kids

What role has gymnastics or sport played in your life?

For me, gymnastics and sport proved to be solid foundations on which I was able to build important life skills. Gymnastics and sport helped me to grow and develop as an individual and as a valuable member of a team. They have been a consistently positive influence in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Here is how…


I watch with curiosity as an educator as young children fall over, make mistakes, tumble in the wrong direction or have difficulty learning new skills. But each time I am amazed at how many times they get up and try again and again. This to me is pure resilience, not giving up and recovering quickly when faced with difficulty. Learning the importance of sticking with something in order to overcome challenges and succeed is an essential skill.


There are plenty of moments when skills are mastered on the floor. When new skills are mastered and moments of celebration follow, children gain a sense of confidence that they can achieve goals. Even if we start them with micro goals. Gymnastics provides plenty of opportunity for development through progressive skills and a progressive syllabus. Children are always progressing and growing in confidence.


Gymnastics is a social sport. Children work as a team and learn to be mindful and considerate of others, while forming new friendships. They support one another and encourage one another in their achievements. Of course, parents make a few new friends here and there too.


I went on to play many other sports like softball, netball, swimming and soccer. Gymnastics was the basis for all of the new sports I played, including the coordination I needed for softball, the core strength for swimming and the agility I needed to move in soccer and netball. Gymnastics equips children with plenty of skills that they will take on to their next sports.

Gymnastics is also a fantastic platform for dancing, athletics and a whole range of other sports. It could also prove to be complementary to other sports training.


All of these amazing skills and experiences have helped me to master work, a career, friendships, family and life.

There are many other benefits to gymnastics beyond those listed above. Our vision is to be the solution in providing inclusive, quality gymnastics based programming to those who thought they couldn’t, or hadn’t considered.


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