Rec Alley Reopening



MONDAY, 15 JUNE, 2020

Below is all the information you need to know for Rec Alley’s reopening.

We are pleased to announce the return of Rec Alley Gymnastics classes from Monday, 15 June, 2020. The return to classes will see Rec Alley Gregory Hills reopen its doors with a slightly amended timetable.

Rec Alley’s reopening will commence Monday, 15 June. This phase will see Rec Alley classes resume with a maximum of 9 participants per class for all non-parent participation classes and 9 participants plus a parent or guardian for Kinder Gym classes requiring parent participation. Our timetable has been slightly amended to best cater for social distancing measures.

This timetable will continue indefinitely. The only elements that we expect to change are the coach to participant ratios for classes.


Option 1: Return to gymnastics lessons

If you choose option 1, you are not required to take any action and the team will place your child/ren into their previously scheduled classes. You will receive an email of your class schedule/s. Please note that their may be a variation to your starting times to better cater to social distancing rules.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new class size restrictions, some classes and times may not have enough space, should this affect your child’s class schedule one of our team members will call you to discuss alternative options


Option 2: Continue to keep your membership on hold 

If you choose option 2, you are required to complete the form at the bottom of this page. We will keep your membership on hold up until 31 August, 2020 however we are unable to keep your class schedule on hold. You may choose to return at an earlier date too. The form is due back no later than midnight Wednesday, 10 June, 2020. This will help us better service our members.

You may notice your member experience is different

We are reopening Rec Alley gymnastics as guided by Government, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Gymnastics Australia and the relevant health authorities providing assistance and support at this current time.

This means our reopening will be staged based on easing of restrictions and advice from the relevant Government and industry bodies.

For our reopening, lasting until further advice, the following key changes are in place at our club:

  • Coach to participant ratios are 1 to 9 for all classes not requiring parent participation
  • Coach to participant ratios are 1 to 9 plus one parent or guardian per participant for Kinder Gym classes requiring parent or guardian participation. Additional siblings and/or a parent or guardian will not be able to participate at this time
  • Rec Alley adopts the AIS approach of “get in, train, get out” which minimises the number of people in the facility at any given time
  • Participants and visitors SHOULD NOT enter the facility any sooner than 5 minutes prior to class to minimise any crowding
  • Rec Alley encourages NO SPECTATORS for classes NOT requiring parent participation to minimise risks due to crowding and also ensure that an optimal number of gymnasts can participate
  • Rec Alley has adopted the Covid-Safe business approach with additional cleaning, social distancing and hygiene measures in place
  • Strict Stay at Home advice for coaches, gymnasts and patrons if they are even slightly unwell. In some cases, this may mean seeking medical clearance to coach and participate in classes
  • We have improved our communication protocols for more agile and quick communication response should a confirmed case of Covid-19 occur involving coaches and participants

Rec Alley has developed a comprehensive return to Gymnastics and Covid-Safety Plan. Should you wish to view please contact the club and speak to management.

To read the Covid-Safety Management Plan please CLICK HERE


Please contact if you require any support.