Rec Alley Fees from 1 July 2021


Please find all the details below.

Thank you for choosing Rec Alley as your local gymnastics provider. Typical with the service delivery industry, the cost to provide recreational services increases each year. Subsequently, there will be some changes to fees starting from 1 July 2021 with any increase in fees taking effect based on your billing cycle.

Program and fee increase amounts:

Kinder Gym (30 & 45 min classes)    50c per class
1 hour classes    $1 per class
Levels & Team Gym program   $1 per class
Level 5 + No change in fees

EXAMPLE: If you attend an Alley Scooters class once per week, your new fortnightly direct debit fee will be $30 per fortnight. A change from your current $29 per fortnight. Please note this is a typical example for a family attending one Alley Scooters classes per week with no 3rd child or more discount applied

Take advantage of the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers:

Please ensure to provide us with your 2021 Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers so we can apply it to your fees. Active Kids Vouchers are accepted for all school aged children and Creative Kids Vouchers for parkour members only.

Email your vouchers to:

  • Rec Alley Gregory Hills:
  • Rec Alley Minto:

Please ensure to include your child’s full name in the email.